*Our Story*

I met Noah through mutual friends at a thanksgiving dinner in 2009 and I was obsessed with him from the moment i met him, but to my dismay i found out that he was leaving for the Navy soon,so i didn't really give dating him another thought until our two friends played matchmakers and on December 23rd,2009 we all ate dinner together and built a gingerbread house with my friend's daughter and from then on i KNEW i was in love with him!When he wemt to leave we both stood in the driveway not knowing exactly what to say,so we said our awkward good-bye and knew we'd see each other again on Christmas because we were going to Rock City to look at the lights(this is where the above picture was taken).I will never forget the feeling i had that night,i was completely head over hills in love with him.From that day on we were together,no questions about it,completely and totally obsessed with one another.Over the year we had so many amazing adventures and memories together,it warms my heart when i think about them.Fishing is my favorite memory with him.It's something we both share a great love for.On October 25th,2010 Noah left for the Navy,it was and still is one of the hardest things i deal with on a daily basis.I miss his smile,his touch,everything about him.Our journey has not even begun,in June 2011 we will become husband and wife, it is something i have looked forward to and am so honored that he has chosen me to be his wife.He is my everything,my best friend,and the love of my life.I thank God everyday for bringing such a wonderful,strong,committed man into my life.