My Bucket list

*Things I want to do before I die*
1.Marry Noah
2.Graduate College as a Xray tech
3.Kill a moose,deer,bear,lion,and whatever else
4.go to Alaska
5.go all the way blonde
6.snow ski
7.own MY OWN lexus is 350
8.have a child
9.own a bassett hound
10.have a log cabin-with MY moose head over the fireplace:)
11.go fishing in the ocean 125 pounds!
13.go to Italy
14.go to kill my lion
15.REALLY swim with the dolphins for more than like 2 seconds
16.see a whale wild in the ocean
17.own a black and white horse
18.see a baby horse being born
19.own a cow-that i can milk!!!
20.own ducks!!!
21.touch a fainting goat successful
23.go back to college to be certified for ultrasound and  a radiology assistant
24.learn how to decorate cakes
25.own some sort of buisness
26.get the guts to skydive

..And i'm sure there will be more added to this list:)