Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So I have changed the name of my blog and some other things..i'm totally obsessed with it!I'm still not satisfied though,so i'm sure it will change:)I changed the name of my blog because at first I started it as a way to let people know whats going on with my wedding...well now it's turning more into an "oulet"for myself,to vent or say anything i need to say.Along with my blog changes there are also changes in my life occuring right now,like i'm acutally not sure now that i will have the wedding i was planning to have,boo i know,but i'm just not sure that  i can take the stress of worrying about money and when i can have it.I'd rather just have a small beach wedding in San Diego,but would also like to have my wedding at home with all my family and friends,so i'm torn.I wish i could just win the lottery!!I am starting to feel a lot better than i was ,thank the good Lord!I still have my moments during the day where i feel upset and stressed because i am going through a lot-besides just Noah being gone.I have my parents(long story),school,money,bills!!!Just everything is weighing down on me,but i'm glad i actually feel like i can actually breathe.Chemistry is literally kicking my butt,i'm NO good at it,but i'm sure i'd be better at it if i actually put some EFFORT into it!This semester i'm a TERRIBLE student-which is NOT me!I do not put as much effort into school like i usually do.I can actually say this has been the semester from hell,and i'm totally ready for it to be over!Just one more month THANK YOU LORD!!Now if i can just pass!!!But anyways enough of my bitching:)nighty night:)

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