Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where's the beach?

Right now Noah is at the airport waiting to board his flight to Cali,and i must say i'm pretty excited!Not only am i excited about getting to visit him and explore Cali together but i'm excited that we will be abl to find out just when he can come home to have this wedding!!I can't believe we are FINALLY at this point,it's already been such a long journey for us since he left for bootcamp,and i'm so glad that we are getting close to being married and ACTUALLY BEING TOGETHER!Oh that sounds amazing!!!The thought of waking up next to him at OUR home,in OUR bed makes me ecstatic!All the waiting and hard times are definately worth having him as my husband!I'm so excited for all the adventures that are ahead of us as husband and wife!New places,making new friends,me graduating college,and of course one day having a child.It's amazing how much things have changed in a year(for the better)!This experience has been a tough one but i know we will make it through with no problem because we have a love that is unlike any other.I fell in love with my best friend that i enjoy doing absolutely everything with!Anyway,on another note..I HAVE GOT TO LOSE WEIGHT!15 lbs.is what i'm going for and i HAVE to..no really..i do..because i have to fit in my wedding dress:)i ordered it a size smaller for motivation to get my booty off the couch and work out!I have been doing great-until my bday where i got 2 birthday cakes and at this time i'm craving sweets like crazy and am lazy !I'm getting back in the gym this week-i only missed a week so its not that bad:)


  1. Hey girl if you wanna e-mail me, CJRork@gmail.com I'll try and help you out with the header and stuff :)

  2. okie dokie thanks!!!my email is nickiverda@yahoo.com