Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not sure....

So i'm new to the blog world and i'm not sure how to do some of the stuff,like my header is definately not right...?With time comes knowledge..anyway,the reason for starting this blog is to let family and friends follow my progress in planning my wedding,to get all the details,see pictures,etc.I'm very busy with school and work and every chance i get to talk to Noah,i do,so i tend to not call people,forget to call back,text back this is a great way for everyone to keep up with us-being we are just that interesting...not!lol..but for those who want to be ya go:)Today i went to look at the Lindsey Street Hall to have the wedding,and it is absolutely beautiful!!I'm really torn on where to have the wedding??hmm.decisions decisions....I do know that the only flower that i want is roses-roses everywhere!!I absolutely love roses!My colors are Red,Black,and White..and food is still pending..there will definately be beer and sangria at my wedding-if you know me then you KNOW i'm going to have a good time:)

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  1. As to the header, try making a picture collage at! :) It's where I made my header. I'm going to start following your page, I look forward to reading more!